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With all the promotional products companies out there on the web, how can we be any different? Well we are!

We're not a huge company. We're small and smart. And we care about our clients a lot more than caring about reaping huge profits from them.
The best part about working with us is that we make a sometimes tedious process of finding the perfect promotion into a streamlined, fun endeavor.
We pride ourselves in bringing our clients the most creative, innovative and most importantly - EFFECTIVE products and ideas to their promotional campaigns.
Through our child-like curiosity and enthusiasm for this industry, in addition to our previous professional careers, we have become creative experts in building awareness and driving interest to our client's services, products and events.
Let us help you on your next project. We promise to make it fun, effective, within budget and stress-free!

bigger ibutton

Very cool Gizmo for promoting your message!
he my-iButton! displays images, text and movies!
Click on the my-ibutton image to learn more!
Note: Our prices are more compeptitive than what can be found on their web site

For some of our favorites, check out Vegas Golf, Eco-Friendly Products and Tech Gizmos for just a couple new ideas that are sure to be a hit.Or, if you're ready to dive in with the rest of the masses, click on the link called The Whole Smorgasboard to find yourself in the thick of EVERYTHING out there.


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